About us

Experts at Sourcing & Screening

At HireStrong, we are passionate about connecting employers in the oil & gas industry with qualified and experienced professionals. With decades of combined experience, we have an extensive network of candidates throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to finding the right fit for every employer-candidate pair.

We understand the complexities associated with recruiting in the engineering disciplines. We are experts at sourcing and screening Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Controls Engineers, R&D Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, and other specialized engineering talent. Our team has a proven track record of successfully filling positions for all levels from technician to executive leaders.

Connecting Employers with Qualified Professionals

We also specialize in low carbon capture solutions to help organizations reduce their environmental impact. Our team of experts is committed to finding professionals who are passionate about sustainability and can contribute to the development of cost-effective and efficient solutions for reducing emissions. We understand the importance of these skills and take great care in ensuring our candidates have the right knowledge and experience to succeed.

We are also experienced in sourcing professionals interested in green hydrogen, ammonia, and other renewable energy products. We understand the unique challenges associated with these cutting-edge technologies and have a deep understanding of how to find top talent who can help organizations make strides in becoming more sustainable. Our team has the knowledge and resources to connect employers with qualified professionals who will help them achieve their goals.

We Have an Expansive Network of Passive Candidates

In Houston, we have an expansive network of passive engineering candidates across all disciplines. We are committed to working with employers in the oil & gas industry to uncover hidden talent and connect them with highly experienced professionals who can bring value to their organization. Our team is dedicated to finding the right fit for every employer-candidate pair and helping employers create a diverse and talented workforce.

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Joshua William May


Owner Joshua William May, a professional-level matchaker with over 10 years in the industry, launched HireStrong to ensure top-level consulting in engineering, supply chain, and technical sales in Midstream, Downstream, Manufacturing, Packaging, and more.

“Joshua has assisted Enerflex in filling many of our positions over the past few years. I have found him to be professional, trustworthy, and very dependable. He has extensive knowledge and experience recruiting within the Oil & Gas industry and has ALWAYS provided top quality candidates.”

Debbie, Oil & Gas Industry Client

“Joshua was great to work with. He made sure my team and I were aware of exactly what was going on in the recruiting process and even provided guidance and advisement on how to structure and present the best offer to candidates. I especially liked the fact that he communicated very regularly with me and I never had to wonder where we were at any phase of the process. He listened intently to our descriptions of the ideal candidate and exceeded our expectations in presenting us with viable options to fill our position. I am more than pleased with the outcome of working with Josh and look forward to working with him on future projects.”

LaTika, Oil & Gas Industry Client